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Circular Pergola Transform Your Backyard

Are you tired of having a ordinary backyard space? Many homeowners get complacent with their backyard space. A new Arbor or Pergola can create a unique focal point for a completely different backyard experience. An Arbor or Pergola can transform your backyard area into a park-like getaway for relaxing or entertaining? Your backyard can become the oasis you dreamed of with the experienced professionals from WAF Construction.

We Know How to Build It Right!

Arbor with RadiusOur high-quality, well-constructed Arbors and Pergolas will blend into the surrounding backyard landscape with each passing year. Our Arbors and Pergolas create additional usable outdoor living space and increases your property value. Because of the care and attention to detail WAF Construction performs, our structures are easy to maintain and the finishes help protect the wood from the elements, making your investment last for years and years.

Arbor Similarities Between a Pergola and Arbor

The similarities between a pergola and an arbor are what throw people off. Both of them are outdoor spaces and can be found in backyards, gardens, patios, and parks. They are most commonly made of wood and feature a cross-beam design for the roof. They can both have sides made of lattice or be completely open with no sides.

Both can be decorated with plants and vines, or have little to no decoration at all. Once you understand what they are used for, it will be easier to distinguish them.
Arbor What is a Pergola?

Lets begin with Pergolas. The most telling features of pergolas are their size and function. They tend to be large wooden structures with at least four support beams and open sides. The roof is made up of wooden cross-beams spaced apart to allow air and sunlight through. Pergolas are typically meant for gatherings and entertaining groups of people. It provides a comfortable shaded area, without losing the feeling of being outdoors.

Keep in mind that all of these features can vary. Although wood is a popular material, they can also be made of materials such as steel, aluminum, and vinyl. Some pergolas are open with no sides and others have lattice walls. Some are solely for entertaining and others are meant for providing
shade along a walkway. Some are small enough for only 2 people, others can accommodate up
Arborto 20 people. Some of them are freestanding, while others are attached to a roof or sides of buildings.

You can design and decorate your Pergola to your taste. You can build in a cooking area, include built-in seating or implement your own seating elements. You could string hanging lights along the borders of your Pergola for added ambiance in the evenings. You can even install fixed lighting and a ceiling fan as long as you protect the wiring from the weather. Regardless of how you choose to use your Pergola, it will serve as an enlightening arena for you to entertain or simply take a load off and relax from time to time. The main purpose of a Pergola is to have somewhere to enjoy the outdoors.
Arbor What is a Arbor?

On the other hand, an arbor is distinct because of its placement, purpose, and size. Arbors are placed on paths, walkways, and entrances. The most common place for an arbor is at the entrance to a garden or on a garden walkway. Since they are used in gardens, arbors can feature plants and vines growing on them. Compared to a pergola, an arbor is small in size. They are not meant for people to linger, but walk through them.

There are variations for arbors as well. Most are wooden but they can also be made of other materials such as iron, steel, and aluminum. Some contain highly decorative lattice and growing
vines while others are very minimal. Some are attached to fencing to form a doorway and others
Arborare placed in the middle of a pathway.

Once you understand the differences, it is easy to tell between a pergola and an arbor. Each of them serve different purposes despite sharing common design features. While size is important for an arbor, appearance is not as important as purpose.
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