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Cedar Fence with Stone Base Transform Your Property

WAF Construction specializes in improving the safety, security and the look of your property with beautiful, professionally constructed fence installations. When you choose construction materials wisely and work with an experienced, professional company like WAF Construction, your new fence can be an asset that adds to the enjoyment and good looks of your property for many years as well as increase the resale value of the property when the time comes.

Our high-quality, well-constructed fences will blend into the surrounding landscape with each passing year. Our fences create additional usable outdoor living space and increases your property value. Because of the care and attention to detail WAF Construction performs, our
structures are easy to maintain and the finishes help protect our fences from the elements,
making your investment last for years and years.

Cedar Fence with No Climb Rails We Know How to Build It Right!

WAF Construction offers a variety of styles and types of fence installations. We specialize in custom fence designs to complement the look and feel of your property. There are many different styles and types of fences so contact WAF Construction and let us help you with the design and available options to determine the best fence solution for your particular situation.

There are several areas that need to be explored prior to making the final determination of your new wood fence. Below are some of the areas our representatives will discuss to assist you to selecting your beautiful new wood fence:
  • HOA and City Requirements
  • Maximum Height of Fence
  • Steel or Wood Posts
  • Weed/Rot Guard Boards
  • Top Cap

Fences Fences

To design the perfect fence for you and your family, WAF Construction will need to learn about your lifestyle. Do you like to entertain? Is your house a beacon for the neighborhood kids and their parents? Do you want a private, cozy spot to read or to sit and play cards? Will you want to dine outside, have a nice seating area, or both? All of these questions, and more, will help us determine the overall design details. We will want to think about children, pets, and how many people you’d like to accommodate on the deck regularly. This is important in terms of traffic flow and the best way to maximize the space.
Board On Board Cedar Fence Design

With 20+ years of experience, WAF Construction we will guide you through the design process so that we can create the perfect fence for you and your family. First, we will help you determine the type, size and shape of your fence, pick the location and types of gates along with trim and hardware designs.

Some of some of your choices include:
  • Height of fence
  • Wood or steel posts
  • Retaining Wall (pressure treated, stone or concrete)
  • Type of wood pickets (cedar, composite, pine or pressure treated)
  • Style of picket attachment (side-by-side, board-on-board, shadowbox or horizontal)
Board On Board Cedar Fence with Top Rail Home Owners Association (HOA)

If you live in a "planned" community or subdivision, you should start with the Home Owners Association (HOA) planning committee. Usually the HOA regulations are more rigorous than the city requirements for fences. The HOA may govern material choices, colors and even the final design. Ignore regulations at your own peril. Build a fence without either HOA or city approval and you risk having to tear it down and rebuild it.

If you do not live in a "planned" community you will still need to apply for a building permit for a fence from the local city building inspections department. Go online and get the fence permit application and along with the local fence regulations. The regulations will include setback requirements from your property lines to the fence and maximum allowable heights. These
Board On Board Cedar Fence with Retaining Walldetails will likely vary for front and backyard fences and can even be different for houses on corners or adjacent to busy streets. You will be required to submit a fence plan along with the completed application. The plan should be a dimensioned overview of your property that clearly shows your property lines along with your proposed fence outline and its heights and distances from the property lines. Any other details that are required will be covered in the regulations or permit application.
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Thank You To Our Veterans!
Many WAF Construction employees, customers, family and friends are active military or veterans and want to
thank them for their service. For everyone who served un the US military, active or retired we will gladly give a 10%
labor discount on the cost of any project. As a proud, 100% American-Owned and operarated business it is our small
way of saying "Thank You for your service to our great nation"
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